Our frontal wigs come in 7 differernt textures Beach Body Wave (Body Wave), Coral Curl (Kinky Curl), Deep Wave, Lagoon Loose (Loose Wave), Italian Curl ( Ocean Wave), Pacific Yaki (Yaki Straight), Shore Straight (Silky Straight). They range in length 14"- 30". These wigs come with a natual hair line but NOT customized if you'd like a frontal customized please use the "Custom Unit" tab at the very top of the site. All wigs comes with 3 combs ( 1 on the left and right sides & 1 at the nape area) and are equivellant to 3 bundles and 1 frontal. They come with a adjustable band and a elastic band for extra security and comfort. 

1B Frontal Wig 180% Density

Lace Enhancement
  • 1. To preserve the life and overall health of your wig, I recomend washing it once every 2-3 weeks depending on how much you wear your wig!

    2.Prior to washing carefully brush hair from tip to root in the same direction.

    3.Wash with lukewarm water and a MILD shampoo of your choice. Do NOT agressively rub or twist hair. Follow up with conditioner and rinse completely. I personaly recommend Aussies Shampoo and contitioner for all textures.

    4. With a towel, gently squeeze excess water from hair then pat it down from top to bottom of the shaft to keep cuticles laying flat and in the same dirrection. To prevent frizzing refrain from aggressive towel drying & rubbing of hair.

    5. For curly textured hair spray with leave in conditioner and air dry. For other textures apply a generous amount of heat protect before aplying heat (Blow drying or hot tools). Dry the cap COMPLETELY to ensure there is no mildew smell!

  • In order to return for an exchange or refund the lace must have NEVER been tampered with for example knots may not be bleached, lace can not be tinted, extra lace must still be intact to frontal, hair line can not be plucked either. The wig must be returned the same way recieved, hair cant be cut, bleached, or dyed. I will not take other companies wigs in exchange for a refund. This policy is very strict and will NOT be bent.

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